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Magento Certification: Rendering Blocks (part 1)

Describe the programmatic structure of blocks in Magento What are blocks used for in Magento? Blocks are the main design element in Magento. A hierarchy of blocks is used to layout any page in a Magento store. Blocks in Magento divide into two big groups: Structural Blocks Content Blocks Programmatically there are no difference between […]

Magento Certification: Module initialization (I)

This post continues the series for Magento Certification, this time we’ll cover the Study Guide section «Module Initialization» and how the installed Modules are loaded by Magento during the initialization. Describe the steps needed to create and register a new module A Magento minimal extension needs only two files: First file must be located in […]

Magento Certification: Rendering, Themes in Magento

Define and describe the use of themes in Magento How can you use themes to customize core functionality Themes are not really intended to modify core functionality, so if you need to make some in depth modification, you better try to create some custom extension to do so. Throught themes you can anyway modify some […]