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Creating an app with GPT-4

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This was a weekend project for my daughter.

She is six year old add sometimes, she get bored and ask «what can we play»‘ So I think maybe an application can help to decide.

This was my initial prompt for GPT-4 and from this prompt I was able to build almost the entire application without any other help than GPT-4.

I am a web programmer with more than ten years of experience, but I’ve never developed an mobile application. Now I want to create a iOS Application using xcode.

I want you to guide me over the whole process of creating this application step by step, so I want you to describe one step, wait for my feedback, then describe the next step and so on. If there are different options for the a particular step, I want you to explain the differences and ask me for the way to continue.

The application to write will work like this:

  • First it will show an presentation screen consisting in a full screen image.
  • Then the application will show an empty image frame, a placeholder and a button.
  • When the button is pressed, the application will select randomly an image and a text.
  • All images and text will be retrieved from a REST endpoint which will return a list of pair of URL of the image and the corresponding text. You can use whatever URL you want for the webservice and I will replace it by the good one.

At the end of the article you’ll have the full conversation with the AI in a very-long PDF. I assure you I worth the read.

My conclusions about this very first experiment with an AI (I have never before done anything like this) are:

  • GPT-4 was a tremendous help considering I’ve never build an APP in the past 8 years (I recognize I lied a bit to the AI, as I developed some applications in the past, but never using Swift).
  • GPT-4 is able to follow a long conversation and keep track of many things I tell them. During the conversation I told several times to rename variables or functions and GPT-4 remembered that kind of orders on the following iterations without problem.
  • GPT-4 is useful to solve specific problems but SW problems are sometimes a bit tricky, and you’ll need some experience to be able to solve it.
  • GPT-4 does not make beautiful code or follow best practices by default. For example I needed to ask the AI to make a separated file for a new class instead of declaring it on the same file I was working. Once I instructed the AI to do so, it did it without problem and guide me successfully to do so.
  • GPT-4 trust you when you tell them about a problem and focus solving that problem. But if you identified the problem wrongly, the AI is not able to identify what the actual problem is and solving the issue may be a nightmare. During the process I had a problem with a text that disappeared from screen. I wrongly thought the text was hidden behind another element in the screen and told that to the AI. The AI focused on properly stack the elements on Z-index and give me up to 3 differet solutions but no one worked. The problem was the text were pushed of the screen limits instead and not being hidden behind anything else. I need to figure this out by myself.
  • GPT-4 sometimes make big refactor of the code that wasn’t needed. For example I asked to modify a function to never return the same result two times in a row, and the AI refactors the entire function with a completely different approach instead of adding a simple additional check to the current function.
  • GPT-4 is able to understand and modify code. During the process I was able to pass the AI a function and tell it to modify it to do some extra things.


Download the full conversation: creating-an-app-with-gpt-4

See the full code: https://github.com/danidnm/Random-Games-Chooser


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